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About Wanderers Cricket Club - Townsville

Wanderers Cricket Club has been operating for 46 years (as at season 2013-14) and is affiliated with Townsville Cricket Inc. (TCI). In turn, TCI is affiliated with the Queensland Cricket Association.
The advent of our own clubhouse was brought about by many volunteers who contributed countless hours of tireless work conducting raffles and other fund-raising campaigns. The clubhouse and training nets were completed nearly 8 years ago and is now completely debt free. Once the small debt was paid off on the clubhouse it was decided to continue our forward momentum by constructing our own turf wicket facility in front of the clubhouse on what was formally known as Gill Park No.2. The construction of the turf wicket and the purchase of machinery was partly due to a $10,000 grant received from the Queensland Government's "Gaming Machine Community Benefit Fund". Our first home match was played there on October 7th, 2000. Future works are planned on improving the outfield and it is envisaged that our next major project will be the installation of lights over our training nets to allow our senior players more training hours. This has now been accomplished.
Coaching is seen as a very important aspect of our club with a high priority given to ensure the best available and accredited coaches are coaching our players, in particular, our juniors. We have a very proud record of producing players who proceed to attain State & National honours. To name just a few recent players who have represented at national level, they are Andrew Symonds, Joe Scuderi and Mitchell Johnson. We have recently installed in the clubhouse a video & large whiteboard which is primarily used for coaching. 
Wanderers field four (4) senior teams in the TCI competition along with ten (10) junior teams as well as our HAVAGO program for children under the age of eight (8). 
It is our goal to develop our junior numbers so that we can comfortably field two teams in each TCI age division, they being U/9, U/11, U/13, U/15 & U/17 as well as promote & coach our HAVAGO children to ensure that our numbers are always healthy. Juniors are a vital part of the club as we see them as the future and strength of the club in the years to come. Without well-coached juniors, any club will fail in the long term. One of our aims is to ensure that Wanderers Cricket Club is a family based club where all members of every family are proud to be associated with Wanderers.
Fund-raising continues through various means, clubhouse canteen and raffles at two Townsville hotels. A portion of this fund-raising is each year allocated to our junior representative players who are selected for North Queensland teams in an effort to alleviate the monetary burden on their parents.
Sponsorship from local businesses is encouraged and most of our junior players have sponsored shirts, again, alleviating the overall cost to the parent. All players, seniors & juniors, plus all volunteers are covered under a comprehensive insurance policy should anything untoward occur.
Wanderers Cricket Club is on the move, you are invited to become a member, supporter or sponsor. If you wish to know more, please move to our "Contact Us" page and e-mail us with your request.
The great thing in this world is not so much where we are, but the direction we're moving in.

Read about our new turf wicket (pictured left) which we commenced work on in June 1999 - click here
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October 2001 we finally had our training lights up. This has been one of our recent major projects with all players giving it the thumbs-up.

It has also now allowed us to conduct our Have-A-Go (Under 8) program under lights on Fiday nights.


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