Wanderers Cricket Club
Wet Weather - what to do
First things first - put up your umbrella & shut your windows!

Seriously though, the onset of the wet-season in North Queensland invariably means that some matches (both junior & senior) will be affected.

In some cases where the rain has been constant throughout the week, matches maybe called off as early as Friday afternoon / evening. However the best course of action that you can take to find out whether your match is on or off, is in the first instance, to listen to the radio for advice. The two most reliable radio stations to listen to (on past experience) is prior to 9am Saturday mornings is ABC 630 on the AM band or 4TOFM 102.3 on the FM band. Spare a thought for the radio stations, do not ring them to find out, it is not their responsibility.

If you do not hear any announcements then you should turn up at your match, do not ever take it into your own hands & decide that you "THINK" it would be off.

If time permits, a notice will be placed on our website but remember, that I also look after the field at Gill Park so I may not be able to get to the computer to put the message.

Last resort is to ring our clubhouse on 4725 8034 if you are still in doubt. Please do not ring before 7am.

Sunday matches: The ABC goes national on Sundays so we cannot put local messages on there, listen to 4TOFM (102.3 FM). Due to the early start of 4th Grade & U/16 Gold matches, my advice is to turn-up if you haven't heard anything on the radio.

If your team is responsible to remove the covers on Gill Park, then someone has to do it still. Please ring the clubhouse to find out if you are needed for this task.